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Dead Island: Riptide’s tasteless ‘Zombie Bait Edition’ is a terrible, terrible idea

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Deep Silver, the studio behind upcoming title Dead Island: Riptide, have announced a special collector's edition of the zombie survival game, the 'Zombie Bait Edition,' that among other things, will come with a 12" statue of a bikini-clad mutilated female torso. No, seriously. And unsurprisingly, people aren't exactly loving it.

I mean seriously, Deep Silver, come on. You can't think that statue is a good idea. I'm not against titillation for titillation's sake as a rule, but this thing is dehumanizing in such a graphic, obvious way that I don't understand how it ever passed by PR. Or HR. QA? Look, I don't know which department specifically should have put a stop to this, I just know that someone should have. Who were the people at the meeting where the idea to include a bloody, limbless, decapitated female torso (and I notice that the breasts are in pristine condition) in a Collector's Edition was thrown out there, and didn't say anything? I don't mean to be hyperbolic here, but that statue is literally just a set of breasts surrounded by gore. I feel like anyone young enough to be excited by the naughtiness of it is probably too young to be playing the game in the first place. And probably young enough to be warped by the sheer dehumanization of it. It's ridiculous, pandering, lowest common denominator marketing like this that makes woman and girls feel so unwelcome in gaming culture. You want to meet more women who game? Don't buy pandering, sexist, offensive trash like this statue.

That being said, hopefully the game itself is substantially less poorly-conceived than this collector's edition, which is available in the UK only, and also comes with some weapon DLC, artwork, and a steel case. Dead Island: Riptide launches this April for the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360. The Zombie Bait edition will be available only in the UK (darn), and only for the Xbox 360 version of the game. Don't forget to bookmark us while you're here for more shooter news.

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