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Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary will have Easter Eggs

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Frank O’Connor, franchise director for Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, unveiled that the forthcoming game will include new hidden Easter Eggs.

Particularly, there are terminals, similar to the ones included in Halo 3, hidden in each level that the players can find. Each of them reveals a secret bit of the story which will be completely new, even to long time fans.

“There’s a bunch of Easter Eggs hidden in this game and loads of extra things we’ve hidden. We decided we wanted to add some story for people who’ve played the game over and over again, who are going to want a new experience. We’ve used terminals, which we first started in Halo 3, to hide bits of story, but we’ve decided to make it a bit more approachable, less dry and much more integrated into the Halo 1 story”

Seemingly, these terminals will be more than simply Easter Eggs though. "So the terminals, apart from adding story, are integral to the gameplay and you can use the classic switch mode (switching between classic Halo 1 and Anniversary) to try and find them," said O'Connor. "And there's one hidden on each level."

This is on top of all the other work 343 Industries has carried out on the game so far including new motion capture, redone cinematics, additional camera angles and updated story telling.

Halo: CE Anniversary is going to be available November 15th.

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